How I Learned to #RunFree

I checked my email in the dark while my youngest child lay next to me, hoping he would fall asleep by the 10pm conference call.  My kids never seem to adhere to my schedule, always wanting to talk about whether being a ninja is a job, or if having a crush on a boy is a normal thing at age ten, or whether all parents had to die...

It took some time, and some brushes with death, to realize that these moments are precious and fleeting. And I was there for them, but I wasn't there, there

If I didn't give them my full attention, I would be like David Foster Wallace's famous fish who didn't realize they were swimming in water because it was always there around them. 

This has been my journey for the past several years - from type A, goal driven, efficiency-as-god disciple to discovering that the art of living really is an art, not something you can put into a Gantt chart. 

I have called it running free (#runfree), a shorthand for living with purpose and passion and presence.

I'd love to hear from you about your story. What have you done in life to run free? 

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TEDx Wanchai: Many of us are running ever faster to keep up. But true success is not achieved by attempting greater speed on the treadmill of life. By (re)learning how to run free and finding your own definition of joy, connection, creativity and freedom, you will find the meaning of true success.